Lauren Ho

Bestselling author of Adult and YA fiction

Crazy Rich Asians meets Bridget Jones’s Diary in this funny and irresistible debut novel about the pursuit of happiness, surviving one’s thirties intact, and opening oneself up to love.

At thirty-three, Andrea Tang is living the dream: She has a successful career as a lawyer, a posh condo, and a clutch of fun-loving friends who are always in the know about Singapore’s hottest clubs. All she has to do is make law partner, and her life will be perfect. And if she’s about to become the lone unmarried member of her generation in the Tang clan–a disappointment her meddling Chinese-Malaysian family won’t let her forget–well, she doesn’t need a man to complete her.

Yet when a chance encounter with charming, wealthy entrepreneur Eric Deng offers her a glimpse of an exciting, limitless future, Andrea decides to give Mr. Right-for-her-family a chance. Too bad Suresh Aditparan, her office rival and the last man her family would approve of, keeps throwing a wrench in her plans. Now Andrea can’t help but wonder: In the endless tug-of-war between pleasing others and pleasing herself, is there room for everyone to win?


A lush portrayal of Singapore life filled with vibrant characters and a lovable leading lady readers will root for.

Kirkus Reviews

The combination of an appealing lead, a glamorous setting, and relatable, funny portrayals of relationships and workplace politics make this debut one of the must-read escapist pleasures of the summer. Fans of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians and Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game will be dazzled.

Library Journal, (starred review)

Author Lauren Ho is a former attorney, and her debut novel is a blast. Andrea is a relatable, laugh-out-loud protagonist, a high achiever who also gives in to her weaker instincts on occasion. Last Tang Standing is a near-perfect blend of Crazy Rich Asians and Bridget Jones’s Diary, yet it still feels wholly original.

Bookpage, (starred review)

I absolutely adored it. It is the funniest rom-com I’ve read in a very long time… Andrea stole my heart … I cannot wait to get my hands on whatever Lauren Ho writes next.

Beth O’Leary, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Flatshare

LAST TANG STANDING is a hilarious transcontinental romp filled with characters that crackle off the page. Lauren Ho’s incisive, sharp voice lays bare one of the central questions in many professional women’s lives – is everything we give up to live a “good life” worth it?

Andie J. Christophe, USA Today bestselling author of Not That Kind of Guy

Your new favourite singleton is here and her name is Andrea Tang! Lauren Ho’s irresistible LAST TANG STANDING sparkles with that perfect match of hilarity and heart on every page … You’ll fall in love with this warm, witty and winning tale.

Aimee Agresti, author of Campaign Widows

LAST TANG STANDING has bucketloads of charm. Both affecting and uplifting, this book is for anyone who has ever had a problem with family and boundaries… in fact, for anyone who has ever had a family.

Kat Gordon, author of An Unsuitable Woman

Joyful, exuberant and very funny. An absolute treat.

Nicola Gill, author of The Neighbours

A smart and witty depiction of navigating the world of dating, coupled with the messy (but amusing) dynamics of family life.

Jennifer Joyce, author of The Accidental Life Swap

Witty, vibrant and full of characters I’d love to go for drinks with… Andrea is the millennial Bridget.

Louise Hare, author of This Lovely City!