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October update / LAST blog post on GR

Ooh baby. Has it been a month plus since my last post? You know when I started this blog, which my developer linked to my website, I thought I’d be posting more regularly, but to be honest Goodreads (and this blog) has been neglected because it’s not interactive with readers (which is fine, I need to delink this GR blog with my site), the format is pretty crap, and GR just lacks the immediacy of IG and Twitter.

So what this means is, this will be my LAST blog post on Goodreads. I’ll just update you guys on my IG from now on.

September has been a busy month. I’ve been working hard on the Aussie promo of LAST TANG STANDING and I am so excited to announce its arrival Oct 7 on Aussie shores.

LAST TANG STANDING will be carried by several chains such as @dymocksbooks in locations like Melbourne and Perth and wonderful indies like @bbound @avidreader, with which I have a launch on Oct 29 with the super cool Donald Tran @thefellafrommelbourne.

If you are an Aussie #BIPOC bookstagrammer and haven’t heard my announcement calling for reviewers, I remain committed to ensuring this community has access to ARCs, where physical copies are available. Get in touch with me by 3 October 2020 via DM on IG @hellolaurenho if you’d like a review copy! At very least I’ll get my publicist to send an e-galley to you (provided your account is a legit bookstagram account fulfilling some of the minimum requirements set forth by my publisher–no pay to plays please.) ?

I’m also looking forward to be able to announce some exciting side projects I’m working on, which has admittedly taken up some of my book writing time. Stay tuned on IG and sending you all lots of ✨good vibes. We all need it these days.